So its raining all the time in Britain, Who cares about saving water here and elsewhere?

Water is very important for us. Water covers around 2/3rd of earth’s surface but of all that water only 2.5%  is freshwater. Earth’s water sources will be finished one day and we will suffer from acute shortage of water if we don’t conserve it. In our daily life, we are wasting water in some way or the other.Water is the basis of life, and on this planet only a tiny share—less than one percent of all water—is available for nearly 7 billion people and a myriad of freshwater aquatic ecosystems. It’s that tiny share of freshwater that we have to use to meet all of our needs—irrigation, industry, drinking water, and sanitation—and the needs of thousands, if not millions, of other species that we share the planet with. Thanks to the National Geographic for these facts and  illustration!

save water cartoon edip


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